Tidbits from Miss Golightly Make a Come Back…

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“In a small square on the left bank of the Seine, the door to a green-fronted bookshop beckoned…”

Another swell recommendation from Andi Kay and Emily. Sally likes it too, y’all.


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Earth Day Every Day 2014 – Part One

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Spring time… the sun is out, the animals are about, it’s time for spring cleaning and for our family to start hitting the trails every day again. It also means April is here, and so my environmental awareness is in high gear. Earth Day and Arbor Day means Earth Day events at the bookstores and local libraries. It also means I start seeing my favorite color (green) plastered all over displays, and books with pretty leafy covers come out of the woodwork.  Thus begins the Earth Day reading highlight reel.

The Green BookTitle: The Green Book

Authors: Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas M. Kostigen

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

Genre: Nature – Environmental Conservation & Protection

Length: 201 pages

This is a handy little book that is easy to read and full of celebrity pep talks for going green. The writers have pointed out a lot of easy to remember ways to readjust your existing lifestyle to recycle more and waste less. I liked it.

It was published in 2007, so some of the information feels a little outdated.  It also gets a little repetitive for those who have the ability to apply one concept to multiple aspects of their life, but it’s a good little book nonetheless.

My favorite tidbit from this book – being a cyclist – is this:

“Try to recycle your old bicycle tires and inner tubes instead of throwing them away. You’ll prevent about two pounds of rubber from being landfilled and may help provide materials for a new handbag, a pair of hiking boots, or even a bike path itself. If one in fourteen American cyclists were to recycle his or her bicycle tires each year, the rubber saved could pave the current route of the Tour de France.”

Worth checking out from the library or downloading to an e-reader.  The only time I could see wanting a physical copy would be for your child’s library – and even the authors think you should buy these books used.

joel-robinson-surreal-photography-7This photograph is a Joel Robison piece.  I love all his work, it has been awhile since I’ve shared it, though.  However, some of his earthy pieces seem extremely appropriate this time of year as we’re reminded to enjoy our world and treat it kindly.  Click the image to visit his blog.

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A Tidbit from Miss Golightly

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I was made for yellow tea sets, books about books and the people who read and write them, brown branches, painted bookshelves, brightly colored rugs and papasan chairs, and rooms filled with sunlight. The afternoon hours of today in Dallas, TX are sublime. – Jennifer Joy Golightly

Yellow Tea Sets

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When Bookish Ones Get Engaged…

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It looks something like this:

When the Bookish Ones Get Engaged...

Matt & Nicole, Incandescently Happy

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If I Were a Frog… or a puppy…

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A Weekly Low Down on Kids Books

If I Were a FrogTitle: If I Were a Frog

Author: Duncan Jones

If I Were a Frog is cute and clever.  A detailed journey of constantly trying to see the world as another animal who is wishing to be another animal, Jones teaches children the concept that the grass may seem greener on the other side but only because you’re seeing it from far away – up close it’s still just grass.

The kids at the Half Price Books Humble story time really enjoyed this one.   They caught on really quickly that the animal in the background was soon to be the featured subject and they couldn’t wait to find out about the the Lion King and the Bear.

I’m proud to have this as a part of my child’s library.  She already picks it up from the stack and asks to have it read.  We cheated and have been reading it every day this week before story time, even though the author specifically sent it for us to read AT story time… it was too good to resist.

Spanish O'MalleyTitle: Tell Me How You Say Goodnight

Author: Teddy O’Malley

Photographer: Angie Dickens

This was another we received from the author this last week to read at Half Price Books Humble story time. The kids could not stop gushing about puppies and how cute they were. Obviously, using puppies to get a kid to go to sleep while teaching them how to say goodnight in languages around the world was a good call!

Kids love practicing saying new words and phrases just as much as they love playing with tiny puppies and snuggling things that are soft. What a cool way to document the lives of a litter of puppies! Have them be household names and teachers to children around the world.

I find it is the simplest books that are the most appealing to kids.  My kiddo sees me flipping through ‘the puppy book’ and immediately dictates: Read it again, read it again!

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Antique Book Find

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Antique Book Find

#thingswelove: discovered at the antique store yesterday: Victor Hugo The Man Who Laughs from 1888 #goodreads – Jennifer Fritz

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Polar Bears Aren’t Really White…

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…And other fun facts you learn with your two year old while reading Magic Tree House…

So onward with The Magic Tree House Adventures.  We read Ghost Town at Sundown and Lions at Lunch Time. With Lions, we read LIONS by Kathy Darling and enjoyed all the many photographs taken by Tara Darling-Lyon. Kiddo also got to watch The Lion King for the first time this week and we practiced drawing the letter L and colored a giant lion head into her notebook.

Then, we moved onto Polar Bears Past Bedtime and the research guide on Polar Bears and the Arctic.  I usually include pictures of all these fabulous homeschooling moments, but kiddo broke my camera right after Comicpalooza.  So, my images are second hand…

magic tree house polar bears


PBs Sandra Markle

pbs a true book

Kiddo really loves looking at the pictures of all the animals.  From identifying the baby bears to asking me what “those things are on him” hanging off the lion (his testicles), we’ve had a full two weeks learning about different kinds of predators and their environment.  She finds Africa vs. the Arctic fascinating and is now able to identify the two places on the map.

Yay for little tiny humans being enormous sponges for knowledge!



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A Tidbit from Miss Golightly

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Yet another reason to be jealous of the life of Miss Golightly…


“It’s so nice being friends with Natalie. She’s a swell human being, AND she makes vanilla bean frozen custard and chocolate candies for her pals.” – Miss Golightly

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What’s Happening in March?

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HortonHearsAWhoBookCoverRead Across America Day
Each year, young and old alike celebrate Read Across America Day on March 2 in conjunction with Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Join your fellow bookworms at Half Price Books for a special Dr. Seuss Story Time on Saturday, March 2, at 3 pm.  The Humble location will be reading Horton Hears a Who and crafting clover pinwheels.  Regular story time is every Wednesday at 10:30 am.

HPB Humble Book Club
Looking to expand your reading pleasure? Join the discussion at our HPB Humble Book Club. We meet the first Monday of each month from 7:30 to 9 pm.
March – Lords of Finance
April – On Chesil Beach

Poetry night

Journaling 2ndthurs

 March 9 Humble

StPattys 2013

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It’s a Love Fest

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Featuring all my favorite lovey-dovey pics from peeps I know…

Hannah in England

Hannah in England

Will Staney proposing to his wife at a Foster the People concert.

Will Staney proposing to his wife at a Foster the People concert.


Hubby and Me at a Party

Em and Michael

If you don’t think this is sweet, there’s something wrong with you… Emily & Michael.

The Klemms 2006

There we are again… The Klemms 2006

Andrew and Krystal

Andrew and Krystal

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