The Act of Reviewing

December 20, 2009 at 4:10 am (Reviews, The Whim)

I was reading a blog earlier this evening ( about “Up in the Air” a story recently made into a movie by Walter Kirn.  It caught my eye because I work at a bookstore and I was shelving a few books by Kirn the other day and thought, “Didn’t they just make that a movie?  Splendid, someone will be looking for this soon.”

Anyhow, while reading this blog, I kept thinking how clever the author was to pull little quirks of her daily life into her reviews.  It seems personable and fun.

I do no such thing.  My book reviews are a few lines about the book and anything I was reminded of by that book.

Then I realized that I do no such thing, because I don’t exactly have a life to mention.  I read at home, make lists of what I shall read, clean my house, love my husband, pet and feed the dogs, read some more.  I go to work and shelve books all day thinking about what I will read when I get home, I even read for an hour on my lunch break.  When I get home I clean the house, pet the dogs, love my husband, and read some more.  When I’m done reading, I write.  I write books that will probably never be published, but I am so engrossed in my own storylines I don’t care; and I write reviews for a blog no one reads.

Then, I put my laptop down and read some more.

I am not complaining.  I think I lead a very adventurous life… In my head.  But my lack of interaction, excitement, and deviation from routine causes a lack in my writing.

Now, I have much to ponder.

Except, I’ll probably post this, close my laptop, finish my book, journal, and write a review of said book.  Because, for me, the act of reviewing is my only act… until a new whim hits me.


  1. anthropologist said,

    Oh, thank you for dropping by “Kanlaon.”

    I don’t have a life either, are you kidding me? Unless you consider a personal life a) gardening; b) walking the dogs; c) reading; d) watching movies and e) excavating old, old memories.

    Or maybe the above means that I do have a life. And so do you!

  2. toddhurley said,

    This is just to let you know that someone has indeed read your blog. I feel the same way, that nobody reads my blog. So here is a little shout out to say that you aren’t alone…

    I also write book reviews that no one reads. You can check me out if you get time!

    Good Luck and stay with it!

    todd – The Hurley Edition

    my address is:

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