Stalker Music

January 18, 2010 at 2:11 am (The Whim)

For awhile now, I have thought that a lot of “love” songs are creepy and stalker like.  If I were to make a mixed tape, it would go like this:

Song Title – band – when in the relationship the song occurs

Shiver – Coldplay… noticing, meeting

I’m Gonna Make You Love Me – The Supremes… the attempt at seduction

I Need You – LeAnn Rimes… the abrasive neediness, basically the act of stalking when there is no need to continue the behavior of a stalker because the person is indeed paying attention to you

Push – Matchbox Twenty… the actual (and somewhat abusive) relationship when the stalker continues to objectify the stalkee

Every Breath You Take – The Police… after the stalked party has left, and the stalker wont let go

Shiver – Coldplay… because the act of stalking is circular and continuous in nature

Please, add your stalky love song as a comment, I’m sure I missed a few.

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