A Russian Study

April 14, 2010 at 12:27 am (JARS, Reviews) (, , , , , , , , )

Have I invited my fellow bloggers and blog-readers to my Russian study?


Welcome to the Russian Study! We hope that everyone interested in Russia, its culture and history, and its literature, will enjoy perusing through and adding to this discussion. Feel free to add your own books to the list or read along with the ones already here below…

* Crime and Punishment – Dosoyevsky (fiction)

* Anna Karenina – Tolstoy (fiction)

* War and Peace – Tolstoy (fiction)

* The Magical Chorus: A History of Russian Culture from Tolstoy to Solzheinitsyn – Volkov (literary criticism, history)

* The Axe and the Icon – Billington (history)

* The Vision Unfulfilled – Thompson (history)

* Fathers and Sons – Turgenev (fiction)

* The Captain’s Daughter & Other Stories – Pushkin (fiction)

* One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich – Solzhenitsyn’s (fiction)

* Sofia Petrovna – Lydia Chukovskaya (fiction)

* I think some Robert Alexander historical fiction titles would do well at the end. One is called Rasputin’s Daughter, but he has many.

I have already completed Crime and Punishment, below is my official review:

Good book, well written, yet I could have gone my whole life without having read it and not felt like I missed out much. The final confession felt like the final moment in Moby Dick when the whale actually shows – all I could think was: “its about time.” Its on Bauer’s list of books to read before you die, which I plan to use as curriculum for my kid when I home school, but I’m not sure that I’ll make them read this, unless they are utterly captivated by it and want to – especially with Tolstoy next on the list. I was hoping to be more captivated myself.


  1. Interested said,

    You are every teacher’s dream student. I have two master’s degrees and am a Librarian and I haven’t read all these…Wow, you do impress, lady!

    • anakalianwhims said,

      Haha! I haven’t read them all yet! I have a Bachelor’s in Marketing and Management, which is useful, but I really long to study other things. One day I hope to go back and get a second Bachelor’s in Archeology and Anthropology and then get a Master’s in British Literature. I’m hoping that by the time this kid I’m making is old enough to remember traveling, my husband and I will be in a position financially to truly support educational vacationing. One of my favorite field trips (and this was actually with a public school GT program) was an archeological dig and it was so interesting. I want to be able to take my kid on things like that, except maybe actually be able to do them at bigger sites in other countries as well. I just find history, literature, and people in general fascinating. What are your two Master’s degrees in? And your undergrad? How long have you been a librarian? (Being a librarian, even if just a volunteer librarian somewhere small, is on my bucket list. That’s why I work at a used bookstore – that was on my bucket list too!)

      • Interested said,

        My undergraduate degree is Liberal Arts/Education and Master’s in Library Science and Information Technology. I spent 8 years in public school library and 3 years in Public Library. I taught 2-8 grades before that. I retired a couple of years ago and moved to be close to my kids. Now I am working with my son in manufacturing. I do mostly trade shows and travel planning.

        I loved being a librarian but working in very conservative areas, as I did, there is a little too much control for my taste.

        You are on the right track with the education of your little one. Keep up the good work and never stop learning.

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