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June 12, 2010 at 4:17 am (Recipes, The Whim)

I am due to have a kid in October.  No, I don’t know the gender yet.  Yes, I am going to find out – we just couldn’t tell at the last ultra sound.

With a new person coming into the house, my husband and I are committed to cooking more meals at home.  I already have some staple recipes of my own, and I have some my Grandmother and Mother-in-law have promised me, but I want to have a vast collection.  I could get cookbooks (which I have plenty of) and I could seek some out with google searches, but I wanted to at least feign some personal attachment to our home cooked meals.

So please, post your most famous, your most beloved, or just plain easiest recipes here – from dinner menues to baked goods.  I want my kid to grow up with good eatin’!

What I have so far is listed below.  This is just a list of meal ideas that are staples around our house or other family members, if something sounds good and you want a recipe let me know.  I want to have at least 30 good recipes, preferably more, so that each thing would only be eaten once a month…

1) Venetian Pasta Rolls

2) My Crab and Spinach Pasta Rolls

3) Spaghetti (who doesn’t have an awesome spaghetti recipe?)

4) Chicken Alfredo (I make my Alfredo sauce from scratch, so easy)

5) Chicken Parmesean

6) My Mother-in-law’s Lasagna recipe

7) I have a badass Cayenne Chicken recipe if anyone wants it

8) Lemon Baked Pork with Carmelized Onions (courtesy of Rachel Ray)

9) Does anyone have a homemade pizza recipe?  How do I make dough from scratch?

10) Grandmom Betty Rogers’ Stuffed Bell Pepper Recipe

11) Grandmom Betty Rogers’ Stuffed Cabbage Recipe

12) Chicken and Green Bean Casserole

13) Mother-in-Law’s Chicken and Dumpling Recipe

14) Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with tomatoe soup

15) I have an awesome Pork Orange Marmalade Recipe courtesy of Wally World

16) Peach Glaze Pork (great for holidays served with lots of sliced peaches on the side – I like fruity meat)

17) Mother-in-law’s Sloppy Joe recipe

18) Husband’s steak with my mashed potatoe/cheese casserole

19) Chili Cheese Dogs

20) Taco Salad/ Frito Pie

21) Chicken on Rice with Brocoli Cheese on the side (does anyone have a good brocoli cheese soup recipe?  preferably one with jalepenos?)

22) Sherry’s Awesome Baked Chicken with French cut green beans

23) Mac and Cheese (add hot dog chunks)

24) Cheese Enchiladas

25) Chicken Enchiladas with green peppers

26) Grandmom’s meat loaf

27) Larry’s Corn Chowder


  1. lollygabber said,

    Here’s a healthy and simple recipe for salad dressing:

    extra virgin olive oil
    balsamic vinegar
    soy sauce

    Mix together about 1 part of each, and throw in some freshly ground black or red pepper if you want some heat. It works well for all kinds of salads, but I absolutely love drizzling it over butter lettuce! Charlie and I have been using this recipe for about 4 years and have yet to tire of it.

  2. Christopher Harris said,

    Jalapeno Poppers on the Grill

    Select 1-2 dozen largish fresh jalapeno chile peppers

    Wash, cut off the tops, core them too (Sur la Table has a nifty coring tool). Rinse the inside to remove any seeds

    Take a block of sharp cheddar cheese cut strips that are about two inches long and about 1/4 inch wide, and 1/4 inch thick; now cut the strips in half so you have 1 inch long strips.

    Wrap each piece of cheese with a strip of bacon about 1.5 inches in length.

    Stuff the bacon-wrapped cheese down in the chile pepper, kinda twist this down as you gently push.

    Bake on a grill at approximately 350 degrees F for about 20 minutes. The chile should go from a dark green to a lime-green, and will get much softer. Let the chile char a bit too. You can gently the roll the chiles about on the grill surface to evenly cook them. Roll a piece of aluminum foil into a long tight roll and prop the open ends of the chile on this if it seems like the cheese wants to ooze out.

    The more tender the slightly charred the chiles become, the spicier they become!

    Let ’em cool a few minutes, so that the bacon grease doesn’t seer the roof of your mouth (voice of experience here!)

    Enjoy! Oh, have some nice slushy margaritas handy too!

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