More Chickeny Goodness from Andi’s Kitchen

August 12, 2010 at 1:26 am (Recipes)

Lemon-Honey Chicken:

Layer into small casserole pan – lemon juice (from lemon), butter, sage, dill, chicken wrapped in onion slices, more lemon juice, honey, more butter.

Bake slowly until cooked and serve with rice and corn.

Italian Dressing Chicken:

In a small casserole pan – Pour Creamy Italian Dressing over chicken until the chicken is good and buried.  Slice some onion and one small tomatoe over it.  (Stir that into the dressing good so the onion slices don’t blacken in the oven, we want them to stay good and juicy as they bake!)  Bake until cooked!  Serve with buttered spaghetti noodles and garlic toast.  I poured the excess juice from the pan over my pasta as well once it was in my bowl and sprinkled some parmesean cheese on top.

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