Finding Miller’s Fence

December 4, 2010 at 2:56 pm (JARS, Reviews)

Like Darwin himself, Kenneth Miller stands tall on the fence between having any decided thoughts on science and religion as he eloquently expresses that he believes all of it and yet none of it. His language and style is convincing and comfortable throughout his book Finding Darwin’s God, and seems to be quite capable of appeasing the general public with his beautifully written ramblings. Yet, obviously, I remain unsatisfied.

Miller spends half the book defending evolution, half defending God, veiling his arguments in pretty language refusing to completely side with either side very much the way Darwin did in his own writings (for fear of social upset).

During this well structured persuasive essay, he calls Darwin a fence sitter and then wraps the entire book up with two separate statements:

1. “[…] Darwin in his later years tried and failed to find God, at least a God consistent with his theories.”

2. “What kind of God do I believe in? The answer is in those words. I believe in Darwin’s God.”

I respect his effort, and the book was extremely well written and absolutely fascinating.    I just can’t seem to agree with him.

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