The Holiday Grind… and its aftermath

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A Typical Holiday Clearance Sign

During the Holidays, I get overwhelmed.  The decorations, the obligations, the cold… it just gets to me.  But after its all said and done, when gift giving, chores, and the extreme traffic isn’t constantly flooding my daily routine, when its ripped away from me and I am denied it, I get a little bit nostalgic for what I previously despised.

Its perfect timing too, because everything is on sale.  You go to your favorite bookstore, what do you find? All the holiday titles are on clearance.  You check out any of your favorite retail items for winter, and it’s all so much more affordable than it was the previous months.

So, it’s the tail end of January and beginning of February that I find myself reading titles like Holiday Grind by Cleo Coyle, and stocking up on Scentsy fragrances like Honey Peared Cider, Comfort & Joy, and Pumpkin Roll before they are replaced by Spring and Summer appropriate smells.

Cleo Coyle’s Coffeehouse Mystery Seriesare short, sweet, and cozy. They are the kind of book I either enjoy in a hot bubble bath, or under a pile of afghan blankets, but either way you must have a hot cup of coffee to enjoy them properly. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next: Roast Mortem.

Honey Peared Cider Scentsy Bar - only available thru Feb.

When reading these books, whether it’s a holiday edition or not, its always best to have some café-like scents warming in your burner – like Baked Apple Pie or Hazelnut Latte, typically available from Scentsy year round; or just your usual suspects for fall and winter – like Pumpkin Marshmallow, Central Park Pralines, or Cozy Fireside, scents often only offered during the Holidays.

Despite the disappointment I have that these latter fragrances won’t be available to me during the Spring and Summer months, there is one thing that consoles me: During the month of February, a good portion of them will be 10% off.  Between a Scentsy sale and clearance holiday books, I’m quite certain that January and February are the best parts of Winter.

Purchase your Scentsy products today at  There’s a party open.

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