Books, Music, and mostly Nostalgia

February 15, 2012 at 1:29 am (Events) (, , , , , )

My favorite things in the world are books, coffee, and music, in no particular order.  So it goes without saying that in college I spent many a hour journaling or reading in coffee shops around the DFW area.  Many times, my collegiate friends were on stage or tucked in a corner with a guitar serenading me.  They were happy times in a time when my life was mostly hectic and stressful: full time student, part time employee to multiple employers, to date or not to date, and finding out where I fit in the world all rolled up into a girl who for many a semester suffered from insomnia.

So now, as an event coordinator for my favorite bookstore, it’s a pleasure to host musicians I have always enjoyed listening to at a time when I can hang out, read a book, have a coffee, and not be simultaneously thinking about what assignment is due next, how I did on that last test, and how am I going to make rent and feed myself without flunking for skipping class.  It will be nice to enjoy a few hours of peace without worrying about whether I made the right choice when I chose not to date so and so, and if it was a bad idea to kiss whats-his-name, all while trying to decide if getting married one day is even something that matters to me.  School is enough; worrying about the career you want or don’t want after the fact is just exhausting.  Now, I am married, I’m done with school, I work about 20 hours a month or so from home, and I write.

That’s why, I’m pleased to share with the world, the first musician booked at Half Price Books Humble, is Christine Hand.  Although Christine has been in the same pocket of friends and social circles as me since I was eighteen, the truth behind why I booked her his pure pleasure and nostalgia.  Christine was the one who serenaded me the most often.  When I think back on all those evenings at coffee shops, I hear two voices: Christine Hand and David Ramirez.

David Ramirez is booked elsewhere at larger venues right now, check out his site here:  But Christine has taken time out of her busy schedule and life to appease my nostalgia, and play at the Half Price Books in Humble on February 24th, 7-9 pm.  Come revel in my past life, I’d love for you to join me.

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