The Weekly Low Down on Kids Books 2/19/12

February 19, 2012 at 6:16 pm (Reviews) ()

Dream Hop – Julia Durango and Jared Lee

I took my best friend to the library with me and Ayla and this was her particular pick.  Its adorable and Ayla got really excited every time we yell: “Dream Hop!” It’s definitely worth while.

Mrs. McTats and Her Houseful of Cats – Allysa Satin Capucilli and Joan Rankin

Fellow blogger Emily of CoffeeCupsInTrees and I both agree that no child can sit all the way through this one.  It’s fabulous with great poetry and cute pictures, but its long and the pictures too pastel to interest growing, wiggly toddlers.


Big Little Elephant – Valeri Gorbechev

The author of a previous favorite: Molly Who Flew Away, we had to check out this fabulous Ukranian-American man’s elephant piece.  Ayla enjoyed it and of course, elephant obsessed me thought it was awesome.  We also read Shhh! by the same author.

It was a Gorbachev week, as you can see, but it was fun and we love his illustrations and stories.


Fairly Fairy Tales – Esme Raji Codell and Elisa Chavarri

Neither one of us cared for this one.  The illustrations are fun and girly, but the story is odd for lack of a better word.


The Kiss That Missed – David Melling

Love, love, love this book!  Ayla liked it a lot also.  The illustrations are fun and imaginative and so is the story line.  How great is it to follow a runaway kiss blown to a boy prince as he is laid down to sleep?  A knight is sent to catch it and a dragon brings it back.  This is a lovely bed time story to be read together as a family.


Blue Chameleon – Emily Gravett

Totally weird and totally awesome.  Gravett is an award winning illustrator and its obvious why, if ever I have a boy I’d be all about decorating the nursery to match her artwork.  The blue chameleon is adorable!

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