Weekly Low Down on Kids Books – Easter

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With Easter this past weekend, we spent the week with Betty Bunny.

(Fellow Christians, please don’t harass me about how Easter is not about bunnies, but our Lord Jesus Christ because Easter is actually a celebration of the goddess Oestre and fertility and the spring equinox and all that and we Christians kinda sharked the holiday for our own purposes.  We celebrate Christ’s resurrection separate from Easter in our house.  Pagans and lovers of Mother Earth please don’t harass me about Betty Bunny not having anything to do with celebrating nature, I know, I know.)

Betty Bunny, a character created by Michael Kaplan and illustrated by Stephane Jorisch, is adorable, fun, and an absolute brat.  I have mixed feelings about reading these stories over and over with Ayla.  The same mixed feelings I have about Curious George.  Betty Bunny is an often confused child/bunny who does inappropriate things often in an undisciplined fashion.  Her parents are sweet, and wise and try to show her the right way to handle life’s situations.  The end result always brings on a snicker, because like George the Monkey, she inadvertently does or says something clever, but like George, I never feel like a lesson has truly been learned.  I do recommend that you try them out for yourself, Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake and Betty Bunny Wants Everything were the two we read this week.  We enjoyed both, multiple times, and if I see more titles I’ll definitely check them out at the library.  I don’t believe I would purchase these until Ayla is older and at an age when we can have a proper discussion about Betty Bunny’s actions and what is right and what is wrong.

We also read If Beaver Had a Fever by Helen Kettemen this week.  This was really cute.  My view on this book is majorly biased, since Ayla was super snuggly and curled up in my lap for this one and hugged me the whole time I read it.  We had the windows open, there was a cool breeze blowing into my library and the jasmine out front was blooming and wafting into our nostrils as we read together in the glider.  The whole scenario was perfect and beautiful.  Afterwards she pulled out our Edna St. Vincent Millay collection and had me read a few poems from that, which means she found If Beaver Had a Fever incredibly soothing.  Kettemen’s book is a perfect winding down picture book for an almost 18 month old.

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