Weekly Low Down on Kids Books 4/17/12

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11 Experiments That Failed Deemed Awesome

“That was great! It was hilarious.  It reminded me of myself.  People should read it because its really, really, really funny.  Its not really a story, its more about things you shouldn’t do at home,” my eleven year old niece, Ashleigh Raine, says as she finishes 11 Experiments That Failed by Jenny Offill and Nancy Carpenter.

I brought a stack of library books with me to my sister’s house to watch five of her six children, along with my own kid, while they rushed Alexandrea (the 3rd in line) to the ER for a broken arm (compliments of the fabulous climbing tree in their backyard).  After completing their chores, the kids got to sit down to a few episodes of Transformers, and then it was off to nap, rest, and reading time according to their respective ages.

The youngest asleep upstairs, the two eldest bee-line for the bag of books from the library – new books, ones they don’t see every day, like most kids in a toy store their eyes light up with glee.

I talk to Ashleigh about whether I can quote her in my blog, and as we discuss the book Ethan Blaise, age nine, asks about an illustration on an open page.  “What is that kid doing?”

“You should read it,” Ashleigh pushes the book across the carpet to him.  Ethan immediately stretches out, belly down, on the floor, kicking his feet while audibly snickering throughout the book.

While Ethan reads, he intermittenly laughs aloud while Ashleigh reads over his shoulder, distracted from the book she picked up to read second, apparently she would rather re-read 11ETF with her brother.

“You think its funny too?” she asks him.

“Yeah,” he grins, smacks his gum, and continues to flip through the pages while laughing and reading the best parts aloud.

When he finishes he tells me, “This one is funny!”

“Is it the most hilarious book you’ve ever read?” Ashleigh asks him.

“Yes, it is the funniest book I’ve ever read.  ‘What you need is a message, a toilet, a bottle…’ ” This last bit I assume is a quote from the book as the two continue to quote the book from memory for about ten to fifteen minutes before they remember they are now hungry and flee to the kitchen to raid the pantry for crackers.

I initially checked this book out to read to Ayla, but I haven’t got around to it yet.  I am posting this review solely on the reactions of my niece and nephews recommendation.  If you are shopping for nine to eleven year olds, I think you’ll have a winner.


  1. sultanhaider said,

    this is really awesome.
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  2. eco baby said,

    I love finding entertaining children’s books. Do you think this one would be over the head of my 4 year old?

    • Anakalian Whims said,

      Maybe a little bit, but there’s nothing in it you couldn’t briefly explain. The beauty of children’s books is that, like clothes, they’ll always grow into them.

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