May 3, 2012 at 7:14 pm (Uncategorized)

I know, two reblogs in one week, but I just discovered the feature (because I’m slow with the technology) and this one speaks to me (because I too prefer book shopping over clothing shopping and I am also a Barnes & Noble addict, despite my employment with Half Price Books and my love affair with Good Books in the Woods).

Grace's a-Musings

I am not the sort of girl who shops for pleasure. Occasionally I will go and have an afternoon out with a friend at the mall. Most of the time, I go in with a game plan. I need a pair of jeans. I will go to Pac Sun, because I like their jeans, and I will go pick two pairs of volcom jeans because they’re one sale. Then I will buy them. Then I will leave. If I need a dress, I generally go shopping for a dress. I usually either get the dress or come home with nothing.

Don’t me wrong, I can browse as well as the next girl and if there’s a sale I can get it down to a science. I just don’t think of shopping as an….experience. There are very few stores that I frequent just because I like them. I love Anthropoligie, mostly…

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  1. Grace said,

    Thanks so much for re-posting this! *happy dance*

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