May 5, 2012 at 7:13 pm (Uncategorized)


Another Trigger for Inspiration

Inspired by a comment from Andi Klemm about smell being an inspiration for her in a discussion about the muse, I thought I would list some of the smells get my Southern writing MOJO brewing:

1) Limes, Vanilla & Coconut

Those mean that summer is HERE. I have so many memories tied to those three smells. One whiff and I can travel back to a thousand different places.

2) Sandalwood

I had a bottle of Sandalwood lotion in college. For me to be able to remember that should be proof enough that scent triggers memories 🙂  This smell is tricky though. I don’t like the incense smell of Sandalwood, but I like it in everything else.

3) Jasmine

One of my all time favorites. I love Jasmine, especially night-blooming Jasmine. When I had ventured too far from home when I was fresh out of high school, I had a pot…

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