Pesky Giveaway Winners

May 10, 2012 at 1:55 pm (Events) ()

So I tried my very first giveaway in April.  An Elizabeth George book that I had on hand, with plans of doing on a month for the rest of the year as I have copies of things that indie authors have sent me and I’d like to share the love, as well as books my brother-in-law had brand new duplicates of and offered them up to me as blog giveaway prizes.

But the winner of my very first giveaway hasn’t given me her address.  I have no way of getting her prize to her.

How do you handle giveaways?  When do I stop holding out for the original winner and pick a new one? She said in her entry that she followed my blog and my twitter, so in theory she should have got the announcement that she won (as well as the pleas to email me with her address).

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  1. Ritesh Kala said,

    Hi! For my giveaways, I always make email addresses as a compulsory entry, so no wondering whether they’ve heard about them being a winner. And, if they don’t respond withing 3 -4 days, I go ahead and pick a new winner.

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