Ladybugs and Dragons for Summer

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The first time I saw Ladybug Girl by David Somer and Jacky Davis, I fell in love.  It was long before I’d even thought about having a kid, but I wanted an excuse to buy it.  Not that I had a kid in order to buy kid’s books – I definitely did NOT do that!  But the moment I found out I was pregnant, I purchased a copy.  The reason I fell in love is because the story is about a little girl that frolics around in a ladybug costume with her faithful hound Bingo, and the first book includes a fabulous page where she and her hound stand in front of a wall of glorious books.  Its wonderful.  I wanted the illustration framed on my wall.

So lucky me when my daughter fell in love with the book too.  I was certain she would because its familiar.  She has walls of books.  She has a hound (we have a beagle named Geoffrey Chaucer).  She absolutely adored her ladybug costume when she tried it on after I decided to do a ladybug themed one year birthday party.

All these thoughts rushed over me when we were at the library this week and Ayla discovered a Ladybug Girl board book called Ladybug Girl Makes Friends, featuring moments from Ladybug Girl picture books.  She loves finding familiar things, so of course we checked it out and I vowed to look for it today at the Half Price Books Humble Story Time today, where I bought Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad.  (We already own Ladybug Girl, Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy, and I’m on a mission to find Ladybug Girl at the Beach.)

On top of all this Ladybug Girl excitement, we discovered The Touble with Dragons by Debi Gliori at the library this week.  The Trouble with Dragonsis a great book for any budding environmentalist! We loved it.  “Respect all the Earth’s creatures and cherish the land.  Recycle, reuse, and reduce your demands!” The Trouble with Dragons proclaims after explaining all the habits dragons have that might harm the world in which they live.  Its a great book to have around to discuss world views  and recycling with your own little dragon at home.

Both these books are excellent choices to kick off your summer with, and they will both become long time favorites, through summer and beyond.

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