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If you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably discovered the wonderful, but sometimes frustrating, world of the hashtag.  Hashtags are used to help tweeters search for specific kinds of discussions.  For instance, you can search #books and you’ll be hand delivered all the tweets in the universe that have included #books in their tweet (or status update).  I find this exceptionally handy when I’m seeking out book recommendations and reviews, when I’m wanting to check out #Events in #Houston and so on and so forth.  But my favorite hashtag is #FridayReads.

Friday Reads is wonderful.  Every Friday the whole book community across the entire globe  (with a twitter account) lets everyone know what they are reading.  I love this.  I love seeing what everyone is spending their Friday doing, I love checking out how other book-ies like me wind down at the end of a hard week.  It encourages me to take a break from the busy-ness of the week and spend a big chunk of time reading, at least on Friday, because that’s the most likely time for people to check in and see what I’m reading too.

This week, like a lot of previous weeks, my Friday Reads is Les Miserables.  I’m in the middle of Cosette and loving it.  Part of what I love about Cosette is how many literary references I’ve encountered.  I’m getting a glimpse into my future Friday Reads.  Aeschylus, Virgil, both mentioned and its been years since I read them.  I also discovered while doing some reading up on Hugo that he wrote several books I had never heard of.  The Terrible Year and The Art of Being a Grandfather both peeked my interest.  Hugo was extremely devoted to education, and probably would enjoy the Friday Reads hastag too if he were around to be introduced.

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  1. Nicole said,

    I LOVE #FridayReads. I picked Into Thin Air out of the depths of my TBR pile BECAUSE of another FridayReads participant.

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