May 31, 2012 at 8:49 pm (Uncategorized)

Some southern photography by a fellow Texan and friend. Check it out.

Laning Photography

Taking pictures of teens, particularly young teens, can be awkward.  This is because it is an awkward time for them.  They aren’t fully child nor adult.  Mutants, they are somewhere in between.  As such, as a photographer, I am always trying to find the right balance.  You don’t want to treat them completely like children and neglect the fact that they are changing, but you don’t want to overemphasize what they are going to become either, and forget that they still want to giggle twenty four hours a day.  Sometimes you see both.  Even in these few photos can you see the change.  Some are youthful and fun, and in others you can’t help but see the future for these two girls.  It may be awkward, just like them, but in the end, it is also pretty cool.

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