Weekly Low Down on Kids Books – 6/05/12

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There’s nothing better than coming home from an outing (story and play time at the library) to a tired, snuggly kiddo.  Ayla and I hunkered down in the bean bag while reading through our haul from the library and Felicity napped.  First on the roster: Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies…  “Quick, call out! Tell all you can reach: the night is just perfect for bats at the beach!” Of course we loved it!  I didn’t realize Brian Lies had a whole series of bat books.  We read Bats at the Ballgame a while back, but that wasn’t nearly as good as Bats at the Beach.  How cute, how clever, a lovely introduction to the art of poetry for small children.  The paintings are so much fun and the whole story is perfect for right before a summer afternoon nap, reading in the darkly lit ‘man cave’ (my husband’s guy room in the house, where we sometime go to read before nap time because the curtains are black and the bean bag is cozy, and the room is perfectly dark for sleepy kiddos).

As we closed the book, reading the last line: “Shh – now sleep.  The moon’s out of reach.  The night was just perfect for bats at the beach,” Ayla’s little eyes began to blink shut.  She lazily pointed to the bag of library books and we made it half way through the first page of the next title before she started to pass out completely.  After Bats at the Ballgame, I had no intention of hunting down Brian Lies other work any time soon, my nephew loved it, but I wasn’t sure our house was ready for those titles yet.  After Bats at the Beach, though, I can’t wait to find a copy of Bats at the Library.

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