Indulging My Latest Addiction

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Title: City of Ashes

Author: Cassandra Clare

Publisher: McElderry Books

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal

Length: 453 pages

My obsession for these books goes against every fiber of my being, but I love them.  I blew through City of Ashes in just a few hours and am pausing to write this review against the deep urge to blow it off and just start the next book.  But the kiddo is napping and my blog is being neglected, so I have no excuse, and will sit and spout off a few thoughts before I move onto City of Glass.

First of all, the Jace and Clary business hasn’t been resolved yet and my impatient self likes to get past the angst and the romance and on with the war.  It’s that deep inner girly desire to lunge head on into adventure *with* the love of my life, rather than struggling with all the defining the relationship business.  I was never good at that, I married my best friend and soul mate after years of waiting for him.  The angsty waiting should be reserved for books like Persuasion, for me, not warrior demon-slaying sagas.  That’s probably what hooks me with Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series, Jamie and Clare are married.  I get why that’s not applicable for a young adult series though.

Second, and mostly notable because its fresh on my mind (being in the epilogue), I love the Harry Potter reference.  It is fantastic.  Although, the subject matter puts this series in the sub-genre of Meyer’s Twilight Series, I find it more comparable to Harry Potter or the wonderful works of Robin McKinley.  There’s a fine line, but it makes a huge difference.  For those who read McKinley’s Sunshine as an adult, and perhaps read the Hero and the Crown, these books will suck you in.

Third… well, actually, I’m done here, I have more reading to do!

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