Amelia Earhart: Keeping Burry Port on the Map

July 15, 2012 at 2:50 pm (Uncategorized)

M E Foley's Anglo-American Experience Blog

Before we moved to the UK, we would come over on vacation/holiday, rent/hire a car, and wander with no fixed plan from one wonderful-thing-you-could-never-see-in-the-US to another.  And the UK never let us down.

You don’t even need a guidebook for this kind of travel, because wherever you go over here you’re almost guaranteed to pass a sign reading “Footpath to the Stone Circle” or “18th-Century Tidemill” or “Roman ruin”.  My biggest double take was at a sign in Cheshire reading “Secret Nuclear Bunker”, seeing as how putting up “This way to the Secret Nuclear Bunker” signposts is just a tad counterproductive.  (It turned out that the decommissioned Cold War bunker at Hack Green had just been opened to the public.  I’ll do a post on it later; if you can’t wait, follow the link to their website, listed under Featured Links.)

So on our recent getaway to south Wales, we…

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