I am a Child of Neptune

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One of my goals for this year was to branch out in my reading.  For a long time I have told people “I’ll read pretty much anything,” but in reality I remained a skeptical reader.  A thought would pop in my head along the lines, “I wonder how much truth there is to…?” but did not bother to do the necessary research because my prior education was telling me “Don’t waste time, after all it is all crap.”  Case and point: Astrology.

I believe 100% in Jesus Christ and that He, is my Lord and Savior.  If one song could most consistently speak the words of my heart over and over again throughout my life it would be Rich Mullins’ Creed.  But in addition to that, I believe that there are elements of truth in many things, after all God created this world, so naturally there would be signs of Him in things, right?  Astrology as use for divination and as a religion is not what I’m interested in as I know where my faith lies.  However, God created the Heavens and the Earth and the people in it, so I am naturally curious to research and see if there is any truth in the thing I raised to believe was crap.  Could the stars and the planets and the birth of a person all line up together to have influence over our existence? Could God use this as a beautiful master piece of art and design to create a balanced puzzle?  Who knows, but I aim to look into it.  In doing so, I’m reading books I would have never read before.

Ruling Planets by Christopher Renstrom is fascinating.  Throw everything you think you know about Astrology aside – I’m a Pisces, represented by Fish because I was born February 22nd, Husband is a Gemini… and so on.  Cast that away and forget about it.  Renstrom very carefully lays out an ancient system, that as far as I can tell is far more detailed, highly accurate, and disturbingly spot on.

I always felt like the description of a Pisces kind of matched me, and kind of didn’t.  I speculated on whether it would make a difference if I had been born closer to my due date (a month later), and some of those attributes matched, and didn’t.  I wanted to put together a research plan – how much of the things you see of yourself in those descriptions are the stars and how much of those things are rooted in how you were nurtured due to the time of the year you were born.  Maybe a Pisces loves being in the water because a February baby is just the perfect age to introduce to the swimming pool come summer.  Do these similarities change for babies born in Australia vs. the United States?  I thought it could be an interesting project, even if it were never fruitful or came to any kind of conclusion.  I wanted to approach these concepts with the calculating mind of a marketing researcher pinpointing the best demographic for a product.  Is there anything more than coincidence to Astrology and why have people been fascinated with it for thousands of years?

In Ruling Planets, I got a taste for the parts of Astrology that made the ancients fall in love with the stars and the planets and their relationships at large.  Instead of a Pisces, I discovered that I am a Child of Neptune and Jupiter, under Capricorn.  I’ve never read anything, not even psychology survey results or personality test conclusions that sounded so like myself as the pages about the Children of Neptune/Jupiter and then the more specific pages regarding Capricorn under Neptune and Jupiter.  Myers Briggs has nothing on Renstrom’s Ruling Planets.

So where does that put me now?  I don’t want to be a mystical nut-job.  And it doesn’t shake my faith in Jesus Christ in the slightest.  I just find all this pretty interesting and the desire to read more and pin point my thoughts on all of this is more intense than ever.  Get yourself a copy of the book, read it, and share your thoughts with me.  I’d love to discuss.


  1. Christopher Renstrom said,

    Thank-you so much Anakalian Whims for taking the time to write this and to share this. It is very generous of you and greatly appreciated. There is such a long and rich history between Astrology and Christianity. Their relationship wasn’t always acrimonious. I’m glad that you were able to intuit that link for yourself. Christopher Renstrom

    • Anakalian Whims said,

      Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love getting the chance to interact with those who write what I read.

  2. Zezee said,

    Thanks for sharing that. I’m a Pisces as well and I do find astrology fascinating. I don’t believe in it totally but it makes me curious so I think I’ll check out that book as well.

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