Mr. Turtle and His Tree

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An Original Children’s Story by A.K. Klemm

There once was a turtle at the bottom of a hill.

He lived under a tree, where the air stood so still.

One day he looked to the top of that mound,

dreaming of what treasure could possibly be found.


Mr. Turtle started a journey to the top of that hill,

where he saw greener pastures and heard birdies trill.

Their song was so beautiful, every little note.

Mr. Turtle joined in, singing cheerily by rote.

Mr. Turtle was right about the hill and its treasure.

He discovered a wealth that no one could measure:

the songs of the birds and the music of sound

and he longed to show Tree of the beauty he’d found.

So he talked to the birds and asked them to bring

the breeze and the music by the strength of their wings.




  1. Umer Ahmed said,

    Really really nice,…. My mind went with Mr. Turtle up the hill 😀

  2. The Wandering Youth said,

    lovely post!

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