My *Sometimes* Weekly Low Down on Kids…

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An oldie but a goodie, kiddo picked up my old, ratty copy of Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman and asked me to read it to her this week.  She;s been carrying it around a lot, along with Wacky Wednesday. I think she really likes the long, thin shape of the beginner books, they seem more like grown up books.

Are You My Mother? is fabulous for its repetition of the names of the animals.  Two in October, she loves repeating nouns and discovering what things are called.  As the little bird searches for his mother (and kiddo, startled says “Mommy? Where’d she go?” as we turn each page), he comes across a hen, a cow, and other animals.  I’m very partial to the illustration of the dog featured on the front cover.


A great way to entertain a tactile child learning to count is to take a Tupperware container of dried beans and hand them a small bowl.  They’ll spend a solid thirty minutes sorting and resorting the beans from container to container, pouring, touching, and lining them up in rows.  If you have time to sit with them, its easy to go through their numbers and show them how to count the beans.  Its great fun, and easy to clean up any mess with a broom or a handy household dog.

Also, in our house, we love to dance.  I got a Ceremonial and War Dance cd from Half Price Books, and kiddo gets all tribal in my living room for about ten minutes at a time.  Its pretty awesome to watch and I’d like to think that I’m teaching my daughter to appreciate culture.

That’s it for this week.  Tune in next week and I may have some more Weekly Low Downs on Kids somethings to share.

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  1. The Book Wheel said,

    “Are You My Mother” was one of my family’s favorite books as a kid!

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