When Readers Watch TV

September 24, 2012 at 8:08 pm (Reviews, Uncategorized) (, , , )

I read incessantly.  When I’m not reading I go on literary-like adventures.  And when I’m doing neither of those things, like a sack of potatoes I will sit and watch a whole season of a TV show in one sitting.  It is my favorite not feeling well activity.  Why? Because I am obsessed with stories.

My most recent TV binge was the first season of Revenge, available on Hulu.

Remember that sweet girl from that show Everwood? Well, she’s all grown up playing a devious and manipulative woman who was severely wronged by a powerful group of people.  Moral of the story so far, don’t conspire to put a girl’s dad in prison and then have him killed – she’ll get pissed and make you suffer.

When I saw the ads for the show, I thought they looked cheesy and I wasn’t all that interested.  There comes a time in every person’s life, though, when they feel lothargic and just want to sit in front of the boob tube.  Hulu paraded Revenge in front of me, and I said “Why not?”

While watching it, I discovered that the writer’s have done an excellent job lacing several time frames, a huge conspiracy, and a huge cast of characters together into the perfect onion.  It reminded me of reading a Kate Morton novel without the pitter patter of a swoony and inevitable love story, like reading Elizabeth George’s Believing the Lie but with a more cohesive and linear tale.  I am shockingly riveted with the characters, and most of them are awful people, but they are believeable in their awfulness.

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