More Homeschooling with a Toddler – Pirates!

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It took longer than expected, but we read through Magic Tree House book #4 Pirates Past Noon and the companion research guide Pirates. We browsed through a pirate cookbook and played with our pirate ship and discussed parts of the boat, identified sails and masts and so on…


While reading the companion book, kiddo sorted sea shells and counted her treasure…



After that we learned about Vikings and ancient maps… even learned how to spell “Map.”



And that’s what homeschooling a two year old looks like.


  1. Krystal Wight Armstrong said,

    I love her concentration face! And how much you’re teaching her. Do you come up with your own curriculum?

    • Anakalian Whims said,

      Yes, I’m planning her curriculum as I go and prepping the lessons I plan to do when she’s older while she’s still small.

      • Krystal Wight Armstrong said,

        You’re such a cleverly capable mother! I would be daunted by not having a formal eduction in being ‘an educator’, and wouldn’t know what to teach, with what, or when. But I have no doubt you’ll make awesome lessons and be great at it all. …you inspire. : )

  2. Anakalian Whims said,

    Krystal, it’s not as daunting as you’d suppose. Even though I wasn’t formally trained as a traditional educator, I’ve been teaching for years… Sunday School, Awanas, Kung Fu, even training fellow employees at work is a teaching position when you think about it. Society wants us to believe that to be an effective teacher you have to go to college and get a degree in education, but the truth is you just have to want to teach your student and have a passion for sharing information. As for developing the curriculum… summon yourself at that age and think, ‘What would I have wanted to learn? How would I have wanted to approach what I had to learn?’ and go from there. Of course, things will have to be modified as you grow to understand who your child is and how they learn best, but everyone has a starting point whether they had a great education or a really sucky one… you have an opinion on how things were presented to you and how you wish things had been presented to you and that’s all you have to have to begin.

  3. More Homeschooling with a Toddler – Pirates! « Anakalian Whims | Pirate Ships said,

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