April 21, 2013 at 3:29 am (Uncategorized)

It takes a lot of energy to make tiny humans… meet one of my favorite writers and most fab of friends/ ex-roommates…

Coffee Cups in Trees

As my daughter and I sit in my favorite local coffee shop-I, enjoying the bright sunshine, the iced latte, the acoustic gloriousness; she, sucking furiously on her pacifier, rocking in her car seat, lulled by what are at this point in her four-week existence already familiar sounds and smells-I read and rethink and edit and begin a new document and cut and paste.

Scrap it all and start over. It feels good to write again.

For the past year I have been busy. Busy being fat, busy being nauseous, busy making a gorgeous little girl and keeping up with my son who spent the bulk of my pregnancy taking advantage of the fact that mommy did not have the strength or the speed to keep him from his favorite death-defying activities. I ignored any and all election coverage watched everything Nathan Fillion has been in ever and read books from my growing library that were by turn too easy or too…

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  1. Emily Simmons Murillo said,

    Thanks for a little blog pimping! I will return the favor with a little book pimping in the near future.

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