Down the Rabbit Hole at the Dallas Arboretum

August 28, 2013 at 8:55 pm (Uncategorized)

This would have made a most appropriate “When We’re Not Reading” segment on my own blog, had I been there. But alas, I miss out on much.

Coffee Cups in Trees

The Dallas Arboretum is listed as one of the top ten places in the country to visit in the spring. Because of the way Texas seasons fall this means February-April are prime Arboretum visiting months; however, in the summer time, they must rely on displays and events to bring out families in the unrelenting heat. Last year they featured the beautiful blown glass sculptures of Dale Chihuly, scattered throughout the pools and rising from the midst of some their most popular areas of the gardens. It was broad scale, I assume well funded, and terribly impressive.

This year the summer draw is the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Flower Village. Since we like flowers and we like Alice in Wonderland and WHO DOESN’T jump at the opportunity to take three children under the age of three out in 100+ degree temperatures my sisters and my best friend and I decided to take our…

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  1. Emily Simmons Murillo said,

    Ayla and Audrina and Tristan would be an unstoppable force I imagine…

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