Breach in Coffee Shop Etiquette

September 8, 2013 at 2:10 pm (Uncategorized)

BAhahaha… oh my Emily.

Coffee Cups in Trees

I finished The Archivist last night (more on that in a forthcoming post) and since beginning it several days ago I’ve found myself in a swoony mood. Swoony, introspective, and quixotic. Who wants to be home, reminded of unfinished housework in such a mood? No one. So this morning when my man people went to do man things-soccer watching and chest bumping at Grammy’s where they are served personalized breakfasts-I took my Ella-girl to Black Forest Coffee to sit quietly and read and journal for a few hours.

Located inside the Half Price Books’ flagship location, Black Forest is one of my favorite Saturday morning spots. Before lunchtime it is fairly empty. The baristas look as half-asleep as you do (the coffee shop maintains reasonable human hours so none of their employees have been at work since 4a.m.), and when you gurgle out something about “latte” and “caffeine” they don’t ask a lot of questions they just grin with understanding…

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