Where the Windwalk Begins

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windwalk-books-tunisTitle: Where the Windwalk Begins

Poet: Todd Dillard

Illustrator: Paul K. Tunis

Too cute. These poems are ideal for lazy breakfast reading or luncheons on the patio.  We love to read over our meals and kiddo has really enjoyed Where the Windwalk Begins.

I personally loved Airlephant, mostly because I have a ridiculously large soft spot in my soul for all things regarding elephants.  Kiddo’s ears perked up the most, however for Flock of Flying Carpets, which I admit is pretty awesome.  The alliteration of that particular poem fascinates little people, and her eyes lit up with delight at hearing the same sounds over and over again.  We’ve been working on our phonics lately and you could see the recognition of certain letter’s sounds all over her face.

The poems are really fun and the illustrations are equally so.  I was pleased with how well paired the illustrator was to the over all vibe of the book.  Sometimes you can have a great illustrator and a really great storyteller or poet, but they don’t necessarily make the best pairing, but these two seemed pretty in tune to each other.  Spunky and very light heart-ed, moms and dads everywhere should keep this title in their personal library stock.


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