The Bookshop Hotel: At Long Last Published

November 5, 2013 at 4:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Awww, thank you dear.

Coffee Cups in Trees

71OggHwQlPLMy dear friend, A.K. Klemm, has published her first novella: The Bookshop Hotel.

It has a cover.

It has a cover photo.

It contains words she wrote and thoughts she had connected one by one to create something that is now bound and on sale for you to purchase and love.

I have not had the pleasure of picking up my own copy yet (am waiting to do it in person so the appropriate amount of shrieking can follow once I have it in my hands), but I promise, if it contains half the entertainment value of one of her phone calls, and a quarter the creativity of one of many college late night brainstorming sessions, it is absolutely worth curling up with a cup of coffee (for anything she writes will be best complemented by coffee) and giving it a read.


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