A Pocket Full of Kisses

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Remember when I had a Weekly Low Down on Kids Books… yeah, this is me remembering that I’m supposed to do those!

Pocket full of kissesTitle: A Pocket Full of Kisses

Author: Audrey Penn

Illustrator: Barbara Leonard Gibson

Some of you may be familiar with The Kissing Hand, it’s a story of Chester the Raccoon and his mother.  It’s a beautiful tale between mothers and children and one my daughter loves.  As she grows, I have found myself often opening her palm to plant a kiss there.

Did you know there are sequels?

A Pocket Full of Kisses is great for only children and siblings alike.  It’s mostly about the jealousy that comes from having a younger sibling and thinking there won’t be enough love from your mother to go around – but just like the stars, a mother’s love is limitless.

Out of all the Chester the Raccoon books, this is Kiddo’s favorite.  She just brought it to me to read this morning, insisting that I pay closer attention to her than just mindless morning snuggles.  I don’t know why this is her favorite – but it is.  In the vast world of kid’s books (millions and millions of book written, of course, FOR the children) this says a lot about a book.

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