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One thing I know I’ve done is slack off on my homeschooling posts.  Some of you may be relieved by that as you follow this for adult book reviews.  However, this is something I plan to be more consistent about in the year 2014 (what’s a new year without resolutions to fail at?).  So, I’ll start with our wonderful Christmas gifts and how that has altered our January plans for the better.

Series Title:The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library

Maps Cat in the HatTitle: There’s a Map on My Lap!

With her birthday money, kiddo picked out and purchased Oh Say Can You Seed? (All about flowering plants) and If I Ran the Rain Forest (All about tropical rain forests). I was so proud of my three year old, she picked them out herself without being swayed by me and she continues to select them to be read at bed time – obviously not swayed by me because bed time is when I want to read the shortest book possible.

Each one of these books includes all sorts of information, new vocabulary words, and everything a kid needs to know to get started with that particular topic.  There’s even a handy glossary at the end that could later serve as a spelling word list.

So when we saw There’s a Map on My Lap we were pretty excited. And when Grandmom got her a Wall Map too – well, it was all over. We have been having ‘map time’ every chance we get.


TonightontheTitanicTitle: Magic Tree House: Tonight on the Titanic & Research Guide on the Titanic

Author: Mary Pope Osborne

We did a pretty extensive Titanic unit awhile back.  We read both Magic Tree House books as well as a few of those early reader books.  There was a picture book we tackled, and we even found a replica of an old newspaper page from the day the Titanic sunk.

Kiddo likes history and really likes boats and ships.  She built our very own Titanic out of play dough one day, which was pretty exciting.

TitanicI will not have a kid that watches the Leonardo DiCaprio movie at 16 and says, “I didn’t know that was REAL!” (

Even though I’m not a big fan of the movie and what it has to say morally, I can’t wait for Kiddo to see it – even if it means me letting her watch it at a younger age and fast forwarding through the inappropriate parts (you know, the ones that made the film PG-13) – because seeing the ship in all its glory is a phenomenal experience.   Already, she enjoys looking at diagrams of how the ship was set up and pictures that were taken.  We liked this National Geographic list and pictures too:

Other Projects…

Christmas was kind to us in regards to school projects.  Already we have started the year off by growing rock crystals of our very own.


This was more of a lesson in patience than anything else.  She thought the science lesson was cool, but really it was about learning to go check on it every hour on the hour and how long an hour was.

We’re pretty excited about 2014 and what it has in store for us.  Kiddo turns four in October and we have so many fun things to do before then.



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