6 Things Every Extrovert Secretly Has To Deal With

March 6, 2014 at 6:50 pm (Uncategorized)

My extroverted self relates. My introverted self laughed at the whiny-ness of it all. I’m a 50/50 crap shoot on whether I’m an introvert or extrovert on any given day. People label me as extroverted (because that’s typically what I am if I’m bothering to be around people), but I always test out as introverted. Yes, people ALWAYS think I’m more flirtatious than I actually am. People always think I *should* be more outgoing if they’ve met me in a scenario where someone needed to be the outgoing one. If I sit back and observe, they think I’m a moody psycho. People almost never think I have any sort of reasonable IQ at all. I’ve known many people who at some point say, “I didn’t know you were smart, I just thought you read a lot of novels.” Moral of the story = I relate to ALL the lists for both introverts and extroverts and therefore feel like I belong to everyone and no one. It’s an odd place to live in society. Maybe I should write a half-bitter blog about it.

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