Jane Austen Themes Soothe My Heart

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mr-darcy-broke-my-heartTitle: Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart

Author: Beth Pattillo

Genre: Fiction/ Chick-Lit

Publisher: Guideposts

Length: 268 pages

This book is adorable.  There’s a lot of reviews on Amazon regarding it that I don’t understand because it seems people went into it expecting far more quality literature references and less cheesy romance – but I specifically picked it up because my brain hurt and I wanted to not think.  If you want to shut yourself off from life for two or three hours, this book is perfect.

Claire is invited to read her sister’s paper at a Austen fan club in Oxford.  Once she gets there, however, she finds herself infatuated with a fellow seminar member like a silly school girl.  Claire embraces a teen girl mentality for a brief few days away from home – appropriate for her character since she never really got to be a silly teen because her parents died in an accident and she had to raise her kid sister.

If you were a silly teen once, however, the idea that a grown woman would be so ridiculous is a little irritating.  Of course, there’s plenty of Jane Austen interludes to distract you from that irritation, and Pattillo’s version of what First Impressions might have been is fun.

This is not the best Jane Austen spin off or tie in. Follies Past by far takes the cake on the genre.  But it’s good fun, light-hearted, and makes for a great right before bed or bubble bath read.


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  1. Aditi Saha said,

    Wonderful review and the book sounds quite awesome!!

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