How to Achieve True Boredom

July 6, 2014 at 9:21 pm (Education, Reviews) (, , , , , , )

CastiglioneTitle: How to Achieve True Greatness

Author: Baldesar Castiglione

Publisher: Penguin (Great Ideas)

The Penguin Great Ideas Books are usually my go to source of reading something in one sitting.  If not that, I toss them in my bag or back pocket for a walk in the woods or for waiting room entertainment.

How to Achieve True Greatness did not live up to my expectations.

This was 93 pages of pure boredom.

I picked it up – read some pages – put it down.  I took it to the bathtub with me only to find myself wanting to get out of the tub faster to pick a different book.

There were some bits about twenty pages in that interested me long enough for the book to start redeeming itself, but then I later lost interest again.

Not your best, world history masters, not  your best.

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