Murder Past Due Times TWO!

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P1000582I seriously read these books just so I could use that headline.  I know, so cheesy, but it’s the little things in life…

Well, that’s not entirely true.  I picked them both up at various times, years ago when I first got hung up on cozy mysteries.  It wasn’t until I was moving that I put reading all my paperbacks on my TBR priority list so I can purge them.  Only prime keepers are going to the new house once it is built.  While unpacking paperbacks in my temporary abode I discovered this little coincidence and my very silly self immediately thought in rhyme.  Naturally, I had to read them right away.  (Or as right away as one can when one reads books for part of my living.)

D.R. MeredithI shall preface by saying: both were appropriately cute.  Meredith, however, has a writing style that puts her a cut above the rest in the genre and I can’t wait to read more of her series.

I read through her book in nearly one sitting.  Despite it being the third in the series, I didn’t feel like I had missed a beat, though I felt like I should surely go back and read the others as soon as possible.

The Cat in the Stacks series is fun, but I’ll probably  just happen across them as I happen across them, rather than purposefully seek them out.  Although, I did appreciate that I had indeedMiranda James series selected the first of that series.  It is always nice to begin at, well, the beginning.

Both books were set in the south, which naturally made them fun for me.  Meredith’s is actually set in Texas, however, and James’ is set in Mississippi with only a few references to Houston.  I absolutely adored Meredith’s Ryan character and found him incredibly endearing, where James won me over by introducing me to a breed of cat I’d never heard of – a Maine Coon.

I will always choose books that lend themselves to wanting to read more books.  Books on books are my favorites.  Novels set in literary settings, a close second.  Libraries, bookstores, reading groups, these are the places that keep my heart at rest – even if we have to kill someone off to maintain a plot line and a reason for being there in the first place.  So whether it is sooner or later, I’ll return to both of these writers eventually.

End note: I like this Miranda James cover better…

Miranda James

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