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When I was a child I remember wanting to be three things when I grew up. Doing these three things was to help me become the number one thing I thought I should definitely be.

A Billionaire.

I wanted a plaque on my desk that read “Billionaire.”  Or maybe it was “millionaire” and like Dr. Evil, the times have changed and a million dollars ain’t what it used to be.

My parents asked me what I would do to become such a wealthy human.  At first I just answered that I’d be wealthy.  But once I thought about it, I developed my dreams and discovered job descriptions.

1. NFL football star

Who knew little short girls couldn’t join the NFL?  I didn’t find out until I was ten or eleven and I was crushed.  Temporarily.  I move on well.

2. An Author.

I always wanted to be an author.  Since I learned that people were on the other end of the great stories I read.  Since I knew that pens had ink and out of that ink flowed the written word, and that the written word came from brains… and that those brains were attached to people called Authors.  I wanted to do that.  It sounded so magical.

3. A Blurbist.

I am a multi-faceted dreamer.  I also function in contingency plans.  Even as a child, I was this way.  It’s in my DNA.  What if I don’t fulfill my life goal as an author?  Or what if I do?  Either way, I wanted to write blurbs for the backs of books.  Not the summaries that entice you to read the book.  I could fall back on that if I never made it, but really truly, how cool would it be to write the review blurbs?

So football stardom is clearly out of the picture.  I’m not even good at football.  Not even good at flag football.  Didn’t even try powder puff or anything like that.

But hey, look at this:



  1. Meb Bryant said,

    I knew you wrote fascinating reviews and now I know you write titillating blurbs. Congrats!

  2. Unboggle Your Mind said,

    Author and Blurbist, lady, you rock. How many of us can say we achieved 2 of our top goals?

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