A Tea Shop Mystery

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death by darjeelingTitle: Death by Darjeeling

Author: Laura Childs

Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime Mystery (Penguin)

Length: 242 pages

The best thing about cozy mysteries is generally not the mystery, but the cozy.  The whole point of reading them is to sink luxuriously into a world of soothing smells and comforting sensations.

I find myself completely suckered by any paperback with the familiar palm labeled “Berkley Prime Crime Mystery,” knowing full well I’ll be in for a delightful dive into a two hundred page world.  Usually part of fun serials, Berkley corners the market on the cozy mystery genre with this logo.

Laura Childs pulls the cozy serial off beautifully with her Indigo Tea Shop run by one Theodosia Browning.  Such a delightful name! When I read or hear it I immediately think of Theodosia Burr Alston.  Childs doesn’t stop there, though, the Indigo Tea Shop also features a dog named Earl Grey!

Tea preparation tips, recipes, and delightful garden descriptions will have you wishing you lived in South Carolina amidst a caddy historical society sampling tea blends.

For a more thorough review and a Darjeeling Cashew Cream Cheese recipe, click the photo I borrowed from the Kahakai Kitchen.  It will take you to their blog.

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Another Cozy Coffee Read

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Title: Roast Mortem

Author: Cleo Coyle

Publisher:BerkleyPrime Crime

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Length: 350 pages

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If you haven’t noticed, I’m a sucker for cozy mysteries.  Although I loved them as a child (and had read everything Sherlock Holmes related that I could get my hands on by the time I was ten) I didn’t begin revisiting this passion for whodunits until my post-college years while working as a bookseller at Half Price Books.

Cleo Coyle’s On What Grounds was actually the first of this popular genre I’d ever read and she got me hooked! After discovering her, I dug into the same author team’s Alice Kimberly Haunted Bookshop series and then began branching out to other pleasantly clever authors like Rebecca Kent and Laura Childs.  They are fabulous guilty pleasures, and I love the added feature of some series that provide me with baking tips and recipes.

The ninth in the coffeehouse mystery series, Roast Mortem is the first one that I haven’t waited to find in paperback in a bookstore, I couldn’t wait for my lazy browsing to turn up the next installment after doing a blog post on Holiday Grind a few weeks ago.  I procured this copy in hardback from the public library across the street, but having read it already, still plan purchase at a later date to make my set complete.

I highly recommend this series, although I must admit that this one frustrated me in a way the previous books have not in the number of typos I discovered.  I don’t blame the author, as a writer I am well versed in having moments when your fingers are trying to desperately keep up with your brain resulting in dropped r’s off  “yours” and silly errors like “with” getting typed in place of “would.”  But I would have expected editors from the Berkley Prime Crime crew to discover those and fix them.  At least, I hope that if I get a book published one day, someone has helped me correct my little mishaps before its set before the public eye.

All in all, another fun piece from the Cleo Coyle writing team!

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