A Romance to Last the Ages

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Title: Dragonfly in Amber (second in The Outlander Series)

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Publisher: I am reading from A Dell Book, pocket papberback, published in 1992.

Length: 947 pgs

Although the book covers are a bit outdated and have been revamped and republished, The Outlander Series itself will never be outdated… will never get old.  Often shelved in the romance sections for its sexual content and love story, its a little more dramatic, a little more fantasy, and has a little more historical detail than your average romance.  Gabaldon has written a saga that is a “little more” no matter where you house it in your bookstore.

Where I devoured Outlander (the introductory book of the series, published in the UK as CrossStitch), Dragonfly in Amber I mosied through.  I kept it on my nightstand and read 20-30 page here and there, until I finally finished it this morning over breakfast.  But not because it wasn’t good.

Jamie and Claire Fraser are the kind of characters you like to let linger with you.  By book two you see more of their faults and weaknesses as well as their strengths, and they are less token flat romantic leads strictly enamoured with each other.  Still definitely a romance, these books are also clearly about a marriage tried by time travel, war, and witch hunts, and more.  There’s a real element to them that traditional romances don’t have, the Outlander Series is all adventure but never fairy tale.  Knowing there’s a whole series of nearly 1000 page books, its easy to set it down after a little bit, assured they will be there when you come back.

Of course, the moment you get to the end of one, Gabaldon has teased you with some lingering story line that makes you want to immediately start the next.  I recommend having several of the series set aside before you begin so when that moment comes you aren’t left with the deep urge to leave your house and run to the nearest bookstore hoping they have the one you need in stock.  Just buy them all up whenever you see them, and toss them (in order) on your TBR pile.

Like Baroness Orczy’s The Scarlet Pimpernel, I think The Outlander Series will be a romance that lasts through the ages.

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