When I Am Not Reading – Comicpalooza 2013 Day Three

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DSC03671Such a nice guy.  He was running off to get a snack, but took time to chat with me and take a few pictures.  I’m kind of weird about celebrities… they are people too… and am typically uneasy about presuming to chat with them just because I see their face all the time.  But he is really easy going and didn’t give me a chance to feel uncomfortable at all.


DSC03653A Look From Above

DSC03672Artist Alley

DSC03675I bought smaller prints of both of these.   I love Gerry Kissell’s work, and he’s a nice guy. Click the image to visit his website.

DSC03703Then I got to pose with a real Dalek!

DSC03698Punk Rock Band Front Man of the Hates. Click to Read about him in the Houston Press.

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When I Am Not Reading – Comicpalooza 2013 Day One

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Jacory visit thru Comicpalooza 014Our fabulous booth!

Jacory visit thru Comicpalooza 018Our very own Wonder Woman and Daenerys!

Jacory visit thru Comicpalooza 029This little girl was so adorable! Can’t wait to take my kiddo!

Jacory visit thru Comicpalooza 034Me and Kristen Holden- Ried

Jacory visit thru Comicpalooza 036I love me some Storm Troopers!

Jacory visit thru Comicpalooza 042Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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