October Birthday Books for a 5 Year Old

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Kiddo just turned five. With that come some serious growing up perks – like, for instance, a public library card of her very own.  She now can check out up to 30 books each time we visit and she is over the moon with excitement.  She even wore her fancy new party dress to the library this morning to sign up for her card.

But before we went to the library and checked out new books on her new card, which we will write all about next week – I bought her books at Barnes & Noble that we are pretty thrilled about.  (It was a big deal to buy them from B&N because we’re such used book and library fiends.)

61weEnfu3CL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Snatchabookfeatures a spooky mystery about a village of animals whose bedtime stories are being stolen by a midnight thief.  Who is this thief? Why are they stealing books? It’s all very riveting, and has a gloriously happy ending.

Of course, because the main theme regards the characters’ love of books, this is a great story to share with little ones to get them excited about stories; or, in our case, to celebrate our existing passion.

We adore the illustrations, which always affect our purchasing habits, and look forward to finding more stories from Dochertys.

Julia’s House fo51xXd20Z2wL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_r Lost Creaturesis probably my newest favorite.  I fell in love with this book from a Halloween display at Barnes & Noble and knew the moment I laid hands on it that it wasn’t going to be left behind.  Ben Hatke is a genius.  His art is sweet, imaginative, spunky, and rich.

The story is about generosity and expectations, community and the need for chores, but within the fantastical fun of monsters, ghouls, mermaids, trolls, and more.

No child should go another Halloween without it.


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October 2013 Events

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JoAnn SalmorettiWayne BastaMEB BRYANTOctober 26 HumbleOct 26 NO

ALSO, Don’t forget to check the Good Books in the Woods Event Page… That place has some nifty stuff going on this month too.  http://www.goodbooksinthewoods.com/news/

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Halloween at Half Price Books

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HPB Humble Location

Story time, typically Wednesdays at 10:30 am, was stretched out over the course of 2 hours today (9 am – 11 am) in honor of one of the biggest costume days of the year.  Good thing too, because our most interested little patrons came in early.

Equipped with a candy bowl, coloring sheets, crayons, and a few costumed employees who were more than happy to pose for the camera in their book-themed attire, story time commenced bright and early.

There are many versions of Snow White, the original story was included in the Brother’s Grimm collection of fairy tales and horrors. Half Price Books Employee Stephanie is wearing the most well-known Snow White costume made famous by Disney.

Another bookseller, Veronica, promoted Astrid Lindgren’s young adult character Pippi Longstockings. Some forget that Pippi Longstockings was many things, a monkey toting pirate among them. Veronica didn’t forget! These monkeys are available at most Half Price Books stores and can usually be found near the registers. They make LOTS of noise and are designed to sling shot across the room.

If you are in the area and missed this bit of fun, be sure to check out Baldwin Boettcher’s Halloween Event this evening at 6:30 pm. Baldwin Boettcher is the public library inside the gates of the Mercer Arboretum off Aldine Westfield. It’s a hidden treasure of a library that often gets passed on the way to the botanical gardens with little thought to the fun things that may be happening indoors.  And remember: It is never too late to celebrate your love for a fantastic book character.

If you missed this morning’s story time, and already have plans this evening, here are the books we enjoyed this morning.  Maybe you can find copies and read them with your kiddo in the days to come as you sort out their candy haul.

1. A Pop-Up Trick or Treat book called Halloween Bugs.

2. A Pull and Poke book called Pat the Beastie.

3. And my favorite, a Halloween Adventure called One Spooky Night.

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