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mercy-watsonTitle: Mercy Watson Fights Crime

Author: Kate DiCamillo

I heard a rumor that Kate DiCamillo used to work for Half Price Books. With that being said, and me being an event coordinator for the company, I am bound and determined to get her in my store. So of course, I have to read everything she wrote aloud to my daughter in the interim.

And the kiddo loved Mercy Watson. It’s an easy reader chapter book with lots of pictures, and after sitting through countless Magic Tree House books, her attention span is right on par with these pig stories.

I highly recommend Mercy Watson books for toddlers on up to kiddos who can read this for themselves (8 years?). Mercy is highly entertaining as are her co-stars.

And for the Adults in the room…

Stay posted for future signings.

Stay posted for future signings.

Title: Don’t Die By Your Own Hands

Author: Reeshemah Holmes

I booked nutrition coach Reeshemah Holmes for a book signing at Half Price Books in Humble. The signing was just last night and she was kind enough to give me a copy of her book to read and review.

It truly is a busy person’s guide. It’s just shy of 70 pages and depending on your reading speed could take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to conquer. I read it right before heading to bed after coming home from the signing.

It’s a great motivational tool for those who have already selected a diet plan; encouraging them not with a specific diet, but the tools to stick to the diet they’ve chosen as a lifestyle rather than a fad.

Don’t Die By Your Own Hands is definitely worth while for anyone wanting to change their life but uncertain of their power to do so… or someone who is convinced that they can change at any time, but haven’t changed yet.

For homeschooling parents who read my blog, this is also a good book to hand your teens as a lifestyle guide to follow their sports/ P.E. programs and rituals.  There’s a lot of good advice about handling goals, nutrition, and staying healthy mentally in order to stay healthy physically.


Coach Reeshemah Holmes talking with customers at Half Price Books Humble book signing, May 2013.

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For Women Only – A Review

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Title: For Women Only

Author: London Tracy

Publisher: New Hope Books

Genre: Self-Help, Health, Homeopathic

Length: 85 pages

I have to admit when I first saw the cover, a bit of dread came over me.  A self-help title on depression.  Give me memoirs about manic depressive women and I’m riveted, self-help, not so much.  But it was 80-some-odd pages, no biggie, easy cheesy.  I was tempted to procrastinate, the author didn’t expect me to post a review immediately after all, just within 3 weeks as per my Review Policy.  I am SO GLAD I didn’t put this book off!

For Women Only: A Novel Approach to Depression in Women is short, sweet, wonderfully concise and to the point.  London Tracy tells you what you need to know and who to talk to to get more information.  Having had bouts of depression and fatigue myself, I appreciated that Tracy wrote this book specifically for the person suffering from the problems being addressed.  While suffering from depression, one isn’t very likely to commit themselves to a lengthy and overly wordy explanation of how to deal with their issues.  They want an answer.  They want that answer now.  A listless person can only handle reading chapters a page and a half long in an 85 page book.  Tracy’s work is perfect.

Even if you don’t think you suffer from depression, this report is worth 30-45 minutes of your time.  It is very informative and may prepare you for issues you might not otherwise know might be coming up in your future.  I called my sister twice to share factoids and lists with her that I came across while reading, just little things that every woman should be made aware.

This is a quick women’s health guide for ladies from their 20’s on through menopause.  When I open a Kung Fu studio (hopefully, one day, in my perfect dream world) there will be a member’s library, where resources and reference material both on health and martial arts will be available for students to browse.  I plan to keep this book in that library.  It could help someone in a major way one day.

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This Month’s Raffle at Half Price Books Humble!

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Fitness and Wellness Raffle This is the summer to achieve health in mind and body. Starting Monday, July 2, buy any fitness, sports, wellness, or health book at our HPB Humble store and get a chance to win one free month of martial arts lessons at Wang’s Martial Arts. Winner will be announced Saturday, July 7 at 7 pm. See store for details.

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