The Beautiful World of Bookmarks

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Most avid readers I know are exceptionally prone to stuffing anything handy into the pages of their books to mark their place. Receipts, clean napkins, Christmas cards, baby announcements, these are the usual suspects at my house. On rare occasions I’ve been known to dog ear something, but it’s a cardinal sin I always regret later. But, once a year or so, I treat myself to shiny, new, beautiful bookmarks intended for marking books.

When I go about hunting down my treats, my usual haunts are: Bryan Collins, Barnes & Noble and Half Price Books.

Bookmarks by Bryan Collins

If you’ve been reading my blog for longer than five minutes, you are well aware of my stalker-like obsession for all Bryan Collins art. And as I don’t always have the money I’d like to spend on his art, I do the best I can to advertise its wonderfulness every chance I get. One of my favorite things about his endeavors as an artist, is that if you are really broke, you can always get some of his really amazing work in a bookmark format, which is cheap… as in have a great value. They’re about $4.00, but they are pretty sturdy. I bought some a few years ago and they still look minty new. What I like even more is that they have a matte finish, not a cheap glossy finish. They’re fabulous and you can buy them here: I also have a link on the right, below my blog roll, to his Etsy site, so if you want to find him later, you don’t have to sift through all my blog posts to do so.

My other bookmark purchases are those magnetic bookmarks, the ones that clip to the page with a magnet and usually feature great pictures. I’m a little obsessive and like to make whichever one I’m using match the theme of the book if I can. This is a fun idea when they are brand new, but by the end of their days, its more of a “Which one is still in tact?” issue. You can get those on, but I usually purchase them when I’ve treated myself to spending some money at Barnes & Noble, where I have a membership card, despite my longstanding love and employment at Half Price Books. (New books have to come from somewhere, right?)

Finally, I’m in love with the tasseled bookmarks available at Half Price Books. They are 49 cents and wonderful. Classic, simple, great designs, inexpensive. You can’t go wrong and they’re usually right by the register. I recently picked up one with a cute, little owl illustration. How do you pass up a cartoon owl?

So book-aholics! Treat yourself to a bookmark, and throw away those tattered sheets of paper, even if its only for a week before you find library due date slips stashed between the pages of your #FridayRead, its worth the occasional cleanse.

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