A Two Year Old Reads The Lorax

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I sat down at the breakfast table with my daughter who will be two and a half in a month.  It’s St. Patty’s Day, so I thought I would read something appropriately Irish to her over breakfast.  I didn’t have much follow through, though, because my daughter looked at me with those big blue eyes, batted them, and said, “Read The Lorlax, Mommy, the Lorlax.” This pronunciation is a great improvement from when she was calling him the “Workass.”

So I went and got Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax and began to read.  There was an interruption regarding her cereal, another about the dog, a few more about the characters in the book.  Two pages in I shoved the book at her and said, “You read it.”

And this is how my two year old read The Lorax, along with great gestures and emphatic pointing:



Essepting Oooooooold crows.


Find the Lorlax! The Lorlax!

Baby Lorlax!

Butterfly milk!

Truffula Trees…

and seeds!

And Seed.

Last Seed.

The End.

Ok, Green Eggs and Ham, Mommy.”

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Great Books to Read Outside With Kids

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Weekly Low Down on Kids Books – March 12, 2013

loraxTitle:The Lorax

Author: Dr. Seuss

You know you’ve read The Lorax a few too many times when your two year old steps outside and says, “Look Mommy, the trees,” then breathes deep and continues, “they smell like butterfly milk!”

The Lorax is an oldie but a goodie.  It follows the tale of the Once-ler and how he destroyed all the trees for the sake of industrialism.  Ignoring the warnings from The Lorax, the delightfully curmudgeonous beast who speaks for the trees, all that is left of a once beautiful land is a small truffula seed.

The Lorax is a fantastic way to enlighten your kiddo to the environmentalist ideals and introduce them to be mindful of their world.  We love reading it on the porch swing and inhaling the sweet smell of “butterfly milk.”

Wild_about_book-330Title: Wild About Books

Author: Judy Siera

Illustrations: Marc Brown

Follow the tale of bookmobile librarian Molly McGrew introduces all the animals at the zoo to the wonderful world of reading.

“By reading aloud from the good Dr. Seuss,

She quickly attracted a mink and a moose,

A wombat, an oryx, a lemur, a lynx,

Eight elephant calves, and a family of skinks.”

Kiddo likes to find all the animals mentioned in the story illustrated out on the page.  To the right of this segment, you can find Molly McGrew in a chair reading from The Cat in the Hat.

Later, the animals discover that they like books so much, they even start writing them!  The Insects dive in with poetry and the scorpion offers “stinging reviews.”

We read this one outside on the porch a lot, but we also read this before bed at night too.  If you don’t have a copy, check out your local Half Price Books, I purchased mine off a generous stack in the kids section at the Humble store.  No guarantees that you’ll find one too, but it’s worth a shot.

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