Poetry and Paint

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Robert FrostTitle:The Road Not Taken and Other Poems

Author: Robert Frost

Publisher: Dover Thrift Edition

Genre: Poetry

I have a hard time reading poetry silently.  When I’m reading it in my mind, my eyes tend to skip over the words like stones on water.

But aloud – that’s a different story.

Nothing calms us faster in my house (the kiddo and I) than poetry, painting, and a little Alt-J in the background.  I don’t know how I survived sadness and melancholy before Alt-J was a part of my world.


The latest masterpiece – age 3.

This week we read through a Dover Thrift Edition of Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken and Other Poems.  Like most people, kiddo will probably be far more familiar with The Road Less Taken than any of Frost’s other poetry.  We don’t just read it out loud when we paint, but out on the trails in the woods too.  Poetry is appropriate for painting, Frost is great while tromping on leaves.  He just has a woodsy feel to him.


Starting a new piece during a poetry day.

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Get Me Out of Here

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Title: Get Me Out of Here

Author: Rachel Reiland

Genre: Memoir/ Psychology

Length: 447 pages

There was no hope for this book – it is so fascinating and so full of raw heart and soul of a person and her mental illness – my copy is obliterated with underlines and notes in margins. I read all 447 pages in less than a 12 hour period, without shirking my life responsibilities, and gave it a five star rating. I recommend it to anyone trying to understand the inner workings of a mentally ill brain.

“One of the saddest facts isn’t that there is still a child within you but that you’re so ashamed of that child.  What’s even sadder is that you have always been ashamed of that child, even when you were one.” – pg. 141

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