Spring on Some Christie

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Gone are the cold evenings bundled by the fireside with our hot tea, cozy blankets, and Agatha Christie books.  Now, its Spring in Texas, so our evenings involve a crap ton of humidity, cold sweet tea, and holding whatever Christie novel I’m in the middle of in front of an open window while praying for a breeze.  Still, even though the mood has changed, there’s something so comforting in the consistency of reading through such a large series.  Cold days, warm days, happy days, sad days, it doesn’t matter – I know I will close the night with a few chapters of Hercule Poirot, pompous egg-shaped head and all, coming to the rescue with the truth.

So much of my reading in my life has been seasonal.  I always save Sherlock Holmes for the winter months.  Anne of Green Gables owned my summers as a child.  Some things just move me as stories that should be read at certain times of the year, let the story meld with an existing environment to provide the perfect mood.  I even set my Scentsy warmers to scents that will match!  So you can guess my hesitation sitting down with Hercule Poirot as the weather got warm, now that I’ve snuggled up with him all winter.

Yet, March blessed me with The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, The Big Four, and The Mystery of the Blue Train.  Roger Ackroyd was shocking and wonderful, The Big Four surprisingly huge in its worldwide grandeur, and The Mystery of the Blue Train cozy in its step back into the traditional Poirot pace.  The weather didn’t take away from any of these stories, Christie gets you into the story so efficiently, so effectively, you can’t be distracted by the outside world; afterall, Poirot has a mystery to walk you through, a mystery only he is equipped to solve.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for our household with the titles coming up in April and the rest of the year.

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The Low Down on Kid’s Books

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How do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms – Yolen

This is Ayla’s first dinosaur book and the first thing we’ve read by Jane Yolen. Cute, clever, and rhyming this is great board book for a 14 month old learning to put her toys away before she leaves a room and goes to another. Its quickly becoming an afternoon favorite.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs – Barrett

Ayla and I read this recently for the first time. She seemed to enjoy it when I made the action loud enough, but its definitely going to be more exciting when she’s a little older. All in all, though, it does not live up to its hype.

Punctuation Station – Bryan P. Cleary

Ayla and I love Bryan P. Cleary books and are trying to collect them all. We checked this one out of the library this week, and as usual she found the rhymes exciting, even if she doesn’t quite know what they mean yet!

The Sea of Bath – Bob Logan

Ayla loves this one. She’s really into the illustrations and there’s the perfect amount of story per page, so she is able to sit still for just the right amount of time before she turns the page for you. We checked this copy out of the library, but I think I’ll have to go buy a copy soon.

Where to, Little Wombat – Charles Fuge

Ayla wasn’t sure about sitting through the first page, but by the second she was hooked.  The first time we read this she made me read it three times in a row and carried it around the house for an hour after that.  The illustrations are fun and she loved being introduced to new animals she hadn’t seen before: wombat, emu, and koala. Plus, the story is super cute too.
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