Work Outs for Readers

July 15, 2012 at 3:15 am (The Whim) (, , , , )

I have a tendency to read so much during my day that outside of chasing Ayla and teaching a Kung Fu lesson, I forget to be active.  So I established a reading reward system for myself.

Just lay a good book in front of you! Click the picture to see what to do between chapters!

Even Days

* Don’t open the book until you’ve done 100 jumping jacks.

* For the 1st chapter of the day, read every left side of the page in the plank position, relax and lay flat on the opposite rights.  (Just lay the book in front of you on the floor.)

* At the end of each chapter you read, commit to doing 5 Burpees (I do a full push up in my Burpees).  Your reward for completing the 5th is that you get to move onto the next chapter.

* 2nd chapter: Sit in the center split position.  1st page: stretch left, 2nd page: stretch center, 3rd page: stretch right.  Repeat until end of chapter. When you will jump up and do 5 more Burpees!

* 3rd chapter: Every two pages (basically every time you turn the page) do knee touch planks for the duration of that page.   At the end of the chapter, Burpees!

* Repeat until you’re done reading for the day.

Odd Days

* 100 jumping jacks

* For the 1st chapter, lay the book in front of you and read while letting gravity pull your upper body to the floor to touch your toes (knees straight!).

* Between chapters do 30 crunches.

* 2nd chapter: Stand in a chi ma stance (horse-riding stance: feet slightly more than shoulder width apart, knees bent, back straight) holding the book out in front of you.  Don’t forget to do your crunches at the end of the chapter!

* 3rd chapter: Stand on your tip toes for the left side of the page and relax your feet on alternate pages.  Then, of course, at the end of the chapter do your crunches.

* Repeat until you’re done reading for the day.


Today was an even day, and I stuck to the work out.  Needless to say, I’m quite sore, but I feel great.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

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Now Time to Detox

July 11, 2012 at 9:00 pm (Reviews) (, , , , , , , , , , )

The other night I finished City of Glass by Cassandra Clare, the 3rd part to The Mortal Instruments series.  Of course it was delicious.

Sigh.  I feel as though I can rest and breathe now.  The series isn’t over, but the ending of City of Glass serves for a solid intermission.  Well done, Cassandra Clare, well done.  If you have been following my blog this last week, there is not much more I can share regarding my feelings about this series.  Pure cotton candy for the intelligent teen, it is lovely and exciting.  However, I need a little detox after all that sugar before I dive back in with books 4, 5 and the 2nd of The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Prince.

So, my intentional break until the weekend (when I plan to whole-heartedly go on another bender) is a steady diet of meat.  I’ve been leisurely reading through Merchant Kings: When Companies Ruled The World by Stephen R. Brown, which is fascinating and makes me want to grow a nutmeg tree (Myristica), sail the seas, visit new countries, and basically be a well paid legal pirate.  Of course, today while waiting for kids to come to Half Price Books story time (which they didn’t because there was a pretty intense rain storm going on), I discovered something even more fascinating and seasonally relevant…

The Naked Olympics by Tony Perrottet is just what I need right now.  I’ve been working on getting back to my old shape.  I used to be pretty intense about my workouts and my body, and that has taken a back burner in my life for quite sometime now.  Ironically, the less you do, the more it seems to become a huge issue and chore.  Back when I worked out all the time and trained 5 hours a day, there was no thought in my head about working out and the agony of it all.  I actually enjoy martial arts and running and a whole host of physical activities, but stretching my mind has overtaken the part of my life when I used to stretch my body.  I want to get back to a healthy balance.  Just in time, too, because there are a few life-long hopes, dreams, and plans currently working their way into being.  Also, the summer olympics are upon us…. London 2012! has been the talk for so long its wild that its finally here.  I have scheduled Olympic date-nights with my bestie (because my husband doesn’t care to watch them), and everything just feels as though its falling into place… my love for studying ancient history, my goals to get back to my old training routines, picking up a new Kung Fu student, and teaching my daughter how to live well and have fun, the list goes on.

Who else is down for a mind and body detox? Grab a good book, mix yourself some vitamin water ( and don’t shower until you’ve done 50 jumping jacks, 30 crunches, 20 pushups, all your stances for at least 30 seconds each (if you’re in martial arts), and had a good long stretch!
Here’s another earn your shower workout routine, and may I note that its been a good long while since I looked anything like this lady – man, she’s awesome.

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