Archie Rocks Acoustic, Totally Rocked Half Price Books

April 21, 2012 at 5:26 am (Events, Interviews) (, , , , , , )

Booking musicians to serenade customers at a bookstore has been pretty fun so far.  Sure, it has ups and downs… a great musician, a no show musician, a nice musician, a quirky musician… but tonight it was all UP!  Archie Parks had the tips flowing, the book buying happening, and customers tapping their toes while they shopped LP’s, and applauding from the DVD aisles.  A couple came to find me to ask if he had cd’s for sale and why not.  So after the show, I took some time to pour over the calendar with him and conduct an interview for my blog.

Who are your biggest influences?

Bush, Gavin Rossdale, Cobain.  That dude from Seether, I can’t think of his name right now, but I’d know it when I see it.  90’s Grunge music mostly, you know STP.  I could go all day… Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Shoe.

When did you start playing and why?

Jr. High.  My Dad had a guitar and a friend had a drum set.  Started writing our own songs because if we messed up nobody knew.  And then it snowballed.  So I guess the answer is boredom.

Where else are booked to play?

I’m trying to set up a show at Bohemeos.  It’s real chill there.

What made you decide playing in a bookstore would be right for you?

It’s chill.  My new style is perfect for a chilling bookstore.

Since we’re in a bookstore, who are your favorite authors?

Asimov, he’s the shit.  Herbert, I love science fiction, obviously.  I heard a new Dark Tower came out, Stephen King, but not Stephen King, I like  his alter ego Bachman.  But Asimov is number one.  I love robots, man.  And those dudes that came out with new Dune books, they weren’t Herbert, but they were still pretty sweet.  And I’m into Eastern Philosophy.  But it’s fucking lame.  I’m into it, but not to be a hipster.

Do you read much? Does your reading affect your lyric writing?

No, I don’t read much. It doesn’t affect my writing.  What does is school, I’m taking Creative Works.

What messages do you wish to convey through your music?

My number one theme is love.  I sing about it all the time because I love the ladies.  But my goal is to help people find the right path for them.  That’s why I like Eastern Philosophy and I’m not a hipster.  Help people find themselves, and feel stuff.

When do you think you’ll have cds or downloadable songs ready for sale?

I have enough material for a seven track album.  But I’m leery, I need moral support because I don’t want to rip people off just selling me and a guitar.  I have higher standards.  I don’t want to put my name on crap.

At which point, I had to tell him that I thought the idea of a cd with just him on a guitar wouldn’t be a rip off at all, it would actually be quite lovely.  He’s very humble, but not in a self degrading well.  He was genuinely pleased and surprised that customers were interested in buying his music if it was available.

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