Love The Magic School Bus? Need a Pet Lizard?

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Well, technically she’s a bearded dragon.

Magic School Bus CollectionTitle: The Magic School Bus

Author: Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen

While I was out hosting events, my husband got the kiddo for a day.  That usually means some good old fashioned father-daughter bonding time over the boob tube… just as I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad, so kiddo shall be raised to enjoy all of Daddy’s old favorites when Mom is out.  This week it was The Magic School Bus.

Convenient that it is also a very extensive book series.

So the next Half Price Books trip I made, guess what I stocked up on? Yep.  We’ve got picture books, leveled Scholastic early reader ones, and even the chapter books.  I want her to grow up enjoying these as she does now, learning basic science the fun way with Ms. Frizzle and that fabulous classroom pet Liz.

Shelly as the FrizzWhat genius timing that our very own real life Ms. Frizzle (whose real name is Mrs. Veron) and Liz (aka Professor Crikenator) have a dilemma.  Ms. Frizzle has to part (only in real life, not in the books!) with her beloved Liz because she’s getting a new tiny baby!… Crikey needs a new home and stat.  Are there any adoptive parents of bearded dragons out there? Anyone who would love to be the proud parent of a bearded dragon? Any Magic School Bus loving families who need a very dynamic new family member? Or any teachers out there daring enough to summon their inner Frizz with a Liz?

This is Professor Crikenator – Crikey for short and this lovely lady needs a new home. She has been wonderful to me for almost two years and is AWESOME to have in a classroom. For $200, the new owner would get lights, a 40 gallon terrarium, heated rock, timer for lights, lounging log, water and food dishes, temperature and humidity gauges, vitamin sprinkles and a hammock.

She sits on your shoulder, loves to lay on the back of the couch with the shades open, and lets you know promptly by wiggling around when its time to head back to her habitat.Crikey

She is excellent to teach children about inherited traits, learned behaviors, adaptations, dessert ecosystems, and the process of shedding.

Though she gets defensive when you let her loose outside in the sun (it’s a BIG world to her), when exposed to sunlight, her skin turns a brilliant golden yellow and orange.

She has truly been the “Lizz” to my “Frizzle” for the past two years in my classroom. The children handle her often and is very well adjusted.

Crikey 2Like most reptiles, she gets irritable when shedding and its best to just give her a squirt or two of water on those areas but then leave her be during these times.

She requires fresh greens and water everyday and a live treat of meal worms or crickets once a week.

She gets cranky, like any pet would, if she is not fed or handled regularly. Crikey gets a bath once every month or two. Simply put some luke-warm water into a deep tupperware or pan with a drop or two of gentle soap. Crikey will wiggle around and do all the work for you. Rinse her off and you are done!

She also comes with day, night, and basking bulbs, fresh keeper bags for her greens, a mini terrarium for her insect treats, food for the crickets, and a nifty background for her habitat. – Ms. Frizzle (oops, I mean Mrs. Veron)

Crikey Grown

Bearded Dragon Stuff


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    Is it too late to get her

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